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Highlights of the DD3000 software

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Highlights of the DD3000 software:

01: The industry's unique innovative technology (radar mirror), the so-called radar mirror is to detect the side mirror, quickly find the scratched area of the magnetic media, and quickly skip. The benefits of radar mirroring are as follows:

Point 1: It can greatly reduce the further expansion of the scratch area of the disc;

Point 2: can effectively reduce the risk of head scrapping;

Point 3: can greatly reduce the cost of parts and time;

Point 4: Can help customers recover more data to the maximum extent;

02: Supports firmware repair of faulty hard disk, has firmware virtual loading function, supports firmware to search from database and folder, supports import and export of hard disk firmware database, supports head adaptation operation of faulty hard disk, and supports bad sector condition of hard disk. Under the data extraction.

03: Support split mirror image function.

04: Supports a variety of common hard disk partition formats, supports scanning of hard disk NTFS partition MFT, has the function of copying only valid data images, and supports two copy tasks at the same time.

05: Supports data extraction of 516, 520, 524, and 528-byte non-standard sectors. It supports the ability to instantly map the source disk to a 512-byte hard disk during data extraction, reducing the lengthy data conversion process. Save time and improve work efficiency.

06: Supports mapping of source disks to files and mapping to third-party software.

07: Supports mapping the hard disk to the operating system in read-only mode.

08: Support disk-to-disk, disk-to-file mirroring, and support target image files as compressed files, which can greatly save disk space.

09: Support mirror process interrupt protection, whether it is accidental power failure or crash restart, the current mirror parameters and mirror progress will not be lost, can continue to mirror after loading, the previous mirror results are not lost.

10: The supporting RAID array intelligent data recovery program can connect multiple hard disks through the system control port, and then intelligently analyze the logical algorithm of the RAID array, hard disk sequence, data block size, front offset, start strip, freshness, dirty Disk, hot spare disk, and then intelligently reorganize data according to the analyzed parameters, automatically expand the partition and file and directory structure, and selectively extract important data.

11: Currently supported RAID levels: RAID0, RAID1, RAID0+1, RAID5, etc.

12: For the RAID array, some faulty disks have bad sectors, and the user's valid data can be directly extracted. There is no need to map the entire disk, and the user can selectively image the valid data or extract data. Supports file bitmaps for used or unused sectors of metadata and file system data for selected files and folders.

13: Support for SQL database fragment extraction and merge, support SQL without log attachment, support SQL error repair.

DD3000 server SAS hard disk function introduction (optional module)

01: Non-standard sector hard disk instant conversion function

Supports 516, 520, 524, 528-byte non-standard sectors of the hard disk, instantly mapped to 512-byte hard disk files, reducing the long data conversion process, greatly saving time.

This feature supports mapping of physical non-standard disks (which require access to this type of disk with a special protocol), logical non-standard disks, and mirror files for non-standard disks.

02: Third-party software mapping function

The DD3000 program mapping function maps the data in the hard disk connected to the port into a file. The user can directly load the file with data recovery software (such as winhex) and then recover the data. In the process of restoring data, when the data recovery area has bad sectors, the files accessed by the data recovery software are mapped out by the DD3000 program, which can effectively recover the data and ensure the stability of the system.

03: Server SAS/FC/SCSI interface hard disk scanning function

The SAS/SCSI hard disk scanning function (requires the user to configure the SAS card and the fiber card) can detect the bad sectors and read/write time of the hard disk in a very detailed manner. Through the full disk or custom sector size scanning, you can understand the actual working status of the hard disk and find the bad. The scan report can also be used as an important part of the hard disk warranty test report and data recovery report. When scanning the hard disk, the software marks the blocks in different colors according to the reading time. When there is a bad track in the block, the software can detect the specific location of bad sectors and the number of bad sectors in the block, so that the scan log is refined.

The parameters related to the DD3000 SAS/SCSI hard disk scanning function can be set by themselves:

04: Server SAS/FC/SCSI interface hard disk mirroring function

The SAS/SCSI disk mirroring feature still uses radar mirroring, inheriting the advantages of radar mirroring. This function still needs to be used with SAS card and fiber card. When the hard disk is connected and recognized, open the port of the main program and mirror it by creating a new task or opening an established task, as shown below:

The task name is customized, and the source disk selects the SAS or fiber disk that needs to mirror the data.

DD3000 additional professional tools

01: SQL database fragmentation merge recovery function

Leichao Technology SQLSERVER fragmentation software is for the SQL SERVER database and library fragmentation scan reorganization, the internal principle of MDF fragmentation is actually sorted by page. The output log entry is the scope of the fragment page number and the location of the fragment. The software will locate and filter the interference data according to the internal structure and characteristics of the SQL to recover the mdf file, and then just press the found fragment. Sorting from small to large can form a complete reorganization of library files.

1. Support recovery of partitions, image files, and disks.

2. Support to define the scope of the search.

3. Support log output.

4. Support scanning information records. After the scan is interrupted, the last progress scan can be continued, and the last scan information is loaded.

02: RAID array intelligent data recovery function

Leichao Technology RAID Disk Array Intelligent Recovery Software is a tool for automatic analysis and reorganization of raid arrays.

1, support raid type: raid5, raid6, raid0, hp double loop, etc.;

    2, supported file system: NTFS (windows), EXTx (linux);

    3, automatic analysis of RAID, and output detailed analysis results (hot standby, lack of disk and dirty disk removal, etc.) for your reference;

    4. Use the form tool to display the raid analysis result;

    5, support Raid parameter output (pre-offset, disk order, structure, block size, freshness), reference to freshness users can know the approximate drop-off time of the dropped disk.

6, support exhibition directory.

03: Video Fragment Recovery

The DD3000 also has good video fragment recovery capabilities. Currently, the main supported categories are: MXF/MPG/MTS/Canon MOV

The DD3000 software can analyze the video data in the source device by the frame scan method through the underlying features of each format video, and scan the fragments one by one. In addition, Canon MOV can not only scan for debris, but also support stitching it into a complete video. Customize source devices, custom partitions, custom ranges, and select image files.

The scanning process is as follows: You can select the type of video you want to scan. The middle part of the window is the total number of sectors (progress) that need to be scanned.

04: SQL database has no log attachment function

The DD3000's log-free add-on feature helps you automatically add database files to the corresponding version of the log-free database: users simply fill in the appropriate database properties. (The database file corresponds to the database version!)

05: word, excel batch rename

    Word, Excel renaming function is mainly for some data recovered by file type. Since the file name is a randomly generated number, the customer needs to manually click to open the file to identify the file that is needed by himself. Such time-consuming and laborious verification data is very annoying. Therefore, our software extracts the file title or part of the content by obtaining the internal information of the file, as the file name of the file, so that it can quickly identify whether it is the file that you need, which is very convenient.

Excel batch rename

Word batch rename

06: vhd_Z (image file to VHD)

    For some of our image files, we need to use R-studio or winhex to guide the data, but through our software we can directly convert the image file into a vhd virtual disk, which can be directly mounted to view data through system disk management. For some special analysis software, only the disk can be analyzed. In this case, only the image file can be converted into a virtual disk through our professional tools, and it can be used directly, which is very convenient.

07: Lei Chao Surveillance Video Pro

    For the mainstream monitoring in the market: Haikang, Dahua, WFS, Hanbang, Joan and so on have supported. Through our Leichao surveillance video professional version, you can restore video data through file system parsing and fragment scanning. You can choose according to your needs. We have integrated two types of Haikang: H264 and MSV2;

Dahua monitoring type; WFS0.4 (such as: imperial defense); Hanbang monitoring type; Joan monitoring class. For monitoring the fragmentation scan, you can set the time interval and sector interval to perform the special direction scan. You can also quickly scan the required monitoring position by first scanning the underlying layer to generate the monitoring time, channel, and size log.

08: VMware Virtual Machine Demo

Our products now also support the recovery of VMware virtual machines, which is a very good news for everyone! You can scan the partition function by reading the disk or image file, and expand the Vmware virtual machine directory to display the file size, type, creation time, and modification time. We not only support the analysis of VMware virtual machines, but also support the recovery of VMware virtual machine .vmdk, but these advanced recovery features are charged. (including: smart scan delete file function, virtual machine metafile load analysis function, snapshot write back function)

DD3000 offline cloning function

Offline one-click cloning: refers to the function of automatically cloning the hard disk by pressing the clone button without powering the computer host. The target disk must have a capacity greater than or equal to the capacity of the source disk. The target disk must be intact.

Currently, the only domestic support for offline clones with a small number of bad sectors.

01: Standard cloning function

Press and hold the clone button for 3-5 seconds, the source disk will be automatically cloned to the target disk. There are 5 triangle indicators to indicate the cloning progress. Each clone is 20% bright and one light is on. And when it does not flash, it means the image is completed.

DD3000 accessory introduction (optional function)

01: Hot swappable power module (optional later)

At the same time, it can supply 8 mechanical hard disks, server hard disks and solid state hard disks with short circuit and overload protection.

02: Conversion card for connecting IDE hard disk (optional later)

The old hard disk used to connect the IDE / EIDE interface, data extraction, clone mirroring, bad track data extraction, firmware repair, etc. for the IDE/EIDE hard disk.

03: Conversion card for connecting M.2 and mSATA SSDs (optional later)

This adapter card can read the data in the M.2 SSD and mSATA SSDs, even if the SSD has bad blocks.

04: Command module (current optional)

In the data recovery process, sometimes you need to use the COM port terminal command. For example, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, etc., some faults need to be connected to the terminal COM interface in addition to the need to connect to the SATA interface. In order to repair the hard disk firmware FW failure, the terminal COM interface can be used to connect the hard disk and issue commands.

The DD3000 data recovery tool provides a complete set of hard drive terminal COM port accessories, which consists of a USB terminal adapter board and multiple command heads.

In the 1:2 port card, the 0-a port is inserted into the fault disk, and the 0-b port is inserted into the backup disk, so only one fault disk can be operated at the same time.

2: 4-port card, 0-a port and 1-a port are inserted into the fault disk, 0-b port and 1-b port are inserted into the backup disk, so only two fault disks can be operated at the same time.

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very good

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Hello my friend, is this DD3000 product still available?

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